Using a Customer Service Blog to Improve Customer Experience.

Can you really improve customer satisfaction without spending money? Try putting a customer service blog on your website.

Opening up a line of open communication with your customers is invaluable. It can win new customers, keep existing ones happy, provide free advertising, fix problems and show your customers that you value their opinion and care enough to keep them informed. But, it can be uncomfortable! What if they complain, get angry, or just don’t like you? Well, there is an option that allows you to open up that conversation with the customer, in a public forum for all to see, but that does not require face to face or even phone contact (and it is FREE). Some of the most successful companies use it, and it works … it’s the CUSTOMER SERVICE BLOG. Every company should have one and use it, not to spy on your customers and see what they’re saying about you, but to talk to them, explore customer opinion and respond to it. A good and well run customer service blog will:

•    Keep the lines of communication open between your company and the customer
•    Start and maintain conversations between you and your customers
•    Solve problems and address negative opinion before it becomes a complaint

The natural tendency when things go wrong is for companies to go quiet – just when their customer wants them to open up, they close down all communication. A blog is a great way to get conversation flowing in both directions – small problems and misunderstandings are fixed with little fuss and because it’s all done in the public eye, everyone gets to see just what you’re made of. Blogs are a great way to show that you are willing and capable of fixing customer problems as they arise, and before they get serious. (Obviously the option should also be there for the customer to raise their issue with you privately should they feel uncomfortable sharing it on so public a forum.)

Everyone knows that the best advertising comes from word of mouth recommendation. And everyone knows the best satisfaction comes through effective problem solving and complaint handling. If this is handled right then that customer will become your best advocate and greatest ally. A good customer service blog will increase customer satisfaction and recommendations.

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About Elizabeth Sealey

For the last 5 years I have worked in the Customer Advocacy department of Norwich Union (now Aviva). I was responsible for working with customer facing areas of the business to: - Identify the customer's expectations, wants and needs - Pinpoint where the gaps were in actual customer service delivery - Implement action plans to improve the customer experience
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One Response to Using a Customer Service Blog to Improve Customer Experience.

  1. Amy Shelton says:

    This article is very interesting. What sorts of topics are common for customer service blogs? And what topics are must haves for customer service blogs?

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