Customer Service 101: Over the top vs Over quickly

For years now the customer service and experience industries have been trying desperately to delight customers. To make them feel special. Whilst knowing their birthday and favourite colour can make the experience more personal (or creepy), most customers just want a quick and simple solution to their problem.

Areas of customer frustration include:

  1. Having to repeat the problem
  2. Being passed between departments
  3. Having to transfer from a website to the phone
  4. Having to contact the service desk multiple times

Based on these areas of frustration our advice is to:

Empower customer facing staff

Train and authorise your staff to deal with customer issues. Ensure that IT systems allow the team to actually complete the actions rather than just recording the problems.

Have a good website

Ensure that your website clearly takes users to the right content and enables them to manage their accounts. Pay attention to web and call analytics which will highlight where users are facing problems.

Processes should ensure task completion

If you promise to do something, get it done. Talk the customer through the process of what will happen and when. If the problem takes longer to resolve, let them know. It seems pretty simple but according to recent research 62% of people have reported having to follow up to get an issue resolved.

As always with customer service advice and tips it all seems very simple! The challenge is in creating the processes and customer service systems that make it work.

If you work in a customer service role then take personal responsibility for getting the customers issue resolved and then follow through to ensure that the issue is fully resolved and that the customer is happy.

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About Elizabeth Sealey

For the last 5 years I have worked in the Customer Advocacy department of Norwich Union (now Aviva). I was responsible for working with customer facing areas of the business to: - Identify the customer's expectations, wants and needs - Pinpoint where the gaps were in actual customer service delivery - Implement action plans to improve the customer experience
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